A Personal Tribute:
The Frog Fuel Patriot Series is a Memorial Roast Series deeply personal to me and my family. It originated from the Memorial Roast we created to honor my son, Kevin Ebbert, a Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan on November 24, 2012. You can read more about Kevin on his dedicated page.

Community and Remembrance:
I've received countless heartfelt notes from individuals who purchased Frog Fuel in Kevin’s honor. Through this journey, I've met many other Gold Star parents whose Navy SEAL sons were also lost. Remembering our loved ones keeps their memories alive and helps grieving parents move forward. Many of these families support their heroes' memories through volunteer work and individual foundations. From these conversations, the Frog Fuel Patriot Series was born, uniting us in our mission to honor our heroes and make a positive impact.

Supporting a Greater Cause:
100% of the net proceeds from every bag of Frog Fuel Patriot Series Koffee is donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation. This foundation provides immediate and ongoing support to the Naval Special Warfare community and its families. For more information, please visit navysealfoundation.org.

Honoring the Fallen:
Each man honored here is remembered by their families, friends, and teammates. They gave their lives as Navy SEALs, caring for their teammates and loving their families and communities. Thank you for reading about them and keeping their memories alive. Your purchase supports the families of these heroes through the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Thank You for Your Support,
Charlie Jordan
Gold Star Mom, SO1 Kevin R. Ebbert