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    Kinetic Koffee Company is a gourmet micro roaster, located in Arcata, California, in Humboldt County, surrounded by Redwood forests, raging rivers, and the Pacific Ocean. We specialize in super-premium, certified organic coffees from around the world. Each of our roasts is custom designed with distinctive profiles.

    Kinetic Koffee is a firm believer in the "Think Globally, Act Locally" philosophy. All of our coffees are certified organic, shade grown, and governed by fair trade practices. In addition to purchasing from environmentally aware vendors, we are also contributing 10% of our net proceeds to charities to support worthy causes.  

    So, what does the "Kinetic" in Kinetic Koffee mean? The definition of "kinetic" is "energetic or dynamic" or "resulting from motion." To us, it's all about human powered activity, whether it's cycling, paddling, skiing or any other active sport. Participation in these activities demands enormous amounts of energy, stamina, dedication, and caffeine. As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we share and celebrate these attributes.

    Another influence was the Great Arcata to Ferndale World Championship Cross-Country Kinetic Sculpture Race, a Humboldt County Memorial Day weekend tradition for over 40 years. Amazing human powered pieces of art are pedaled over roads, sand, mud and even water for three days, traversing the 42 miles between Arcata and Ferndale. The founders of Kinetic Koffee Company have been a part of the original race for years, and initially offered fresh roasted coffee as a fund raiser for this non-profit event.

    2004 Kinetic Grand Champions

    The founding principals are former executives from the outdoor and cycling industries and have spent years learning all they could about the world of super-premium coffees. They bring their knowledge and passion for the noble bean to you, the coffee aficionado.