SOC Collin Trent Thomas

CPO Collin Thomas1

May 2, 1977 – August 18, 2010


Collin Trent Thomas was born in Santee, California. By the time he was a freshman in high school, Collin had attended schools in six (6) separate schools in two (2) countries and five (5) states. He attended college in what he came to think of as his home, Morehead, Kentucky. He completed US Army Basic Parachute course followed by turning down a full ROTC scholarship. He enlisted in the Navy and became a Corpsman on his way to BUD/s. After graduating with BUD/s Class 219, Collin completed the 18-D course in Fort Bragg, followed by Assignment to SEAL Team 4. On June 9, 2000, Collin received his Trident. His first deployment was UNITAS over Central and South America followed by being assigned to Puerto Rico for security duty.

After 9-11 Collin transferred to SEAL Team 2 where he deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2006, Collin completed the second phase of 18-D and moved to DEVGRU where he became a very effective Special Operations Operator. He participated in nearly 200 Direct Action Missions with his teams and with US Army Delta operators. Collin gained the respect of every SEAL who knew him. He attended multiple training evolutions including his favorite mountain operations where he was a Lead Climber and an expert skier. He and two other SEALS climber Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania where Collin gave up his oxygen to a female climber suffering from altitude sickness. He got her stabilized and on her way down the mountain before he and his teammates made the summit.

Giving to others was the norm for Collin. He had an infectious smile and a soft manner that made him a hero to family and friends. He attacked life with zeal and gusto but always found time to help the unfortunate and any that needed something he could provide. His final act was to leave a covered position to assist his fellow teammates that were under attack. He moved into a position that let him see the attacker but was killed in the subsequent gunfire. He lived his life as a true warrior and died as a hero defending his teammates Collin’s presence will be missed but his legacy lives on through sixteen (16) children of family and friends named in his Honor. He lived his life as a true warrior and died as a hero defending his teammates. Collin Trent Thomas was a beloved son, faithful brother, and a true friend.

CPO Collin Thomas2

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