SO2 Adam Olin Smith

Smith 1          October 8, 1983 - September 21, 2010          Smith 2

Adam Olin Smith was born October 8, 1983 in Baton Rouge, LA to Michele (Jorgenson) and Eric Smith. He graduated in 2002 from Bevier, Missouri. Though it was quite small, Adam was very proud of his hometown. Every year Adam found a way to make it home for the town fair no matter where he was in the world.

In 2004, Adam entered the Navy and completed BUD/S training to become a Navy SEAL in 2007. Adam was rolled (held back) in BUD/S so many times due to mischievous behavior that at his graduation the speaker commented that every SEAL knew Adam because he was in everyone's class. After graduation, he was stationed in Virgina Beach, VA and was a member of SEAL Team IV. Adam was described by his fellow team members as a highly decorated combat Veteran and dedicated teammate.

Adam was always happy and was the first to jump up and help anyone. He was a beloved son, brother to 8 siblings (The A-Team, as their names all start with the letter A) and with 2 more half-siblings and 2 step-siblings, cousin, grandson and friend to many.

His final mission was on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 when the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter was in, went down in Zabul Afghanistan. 8 other lives were lost in that accident.

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