Coming Soon!  Our latest Barrel Aged Coffee

Coming Soon! Our latest Barrel Aged Coffee


Are you ready to experience a new level of coffee perfection? Get ready, because we are soon to release our latest barrel aged coffee that will elevate your coffee drinking experience to new heights. A Trifecta of delight, this coffee started life with Los Bagels bagels being used as a mash for Alchemy Distillery's whiskey, aged for four years in the barrel.  The day the barrel was emptied, we brought it to Kinetic Koffee, where we poured our beans into the still wet barrel to soak up all the wonderfulness within.

What is Barrel Aged Coffee?

Barrel aged coffee is a unique process where green coffee beans are aged in barrels that previously held spirits like whiskey, rum, or wine. This aging process allows the beans to absorb the flavors and aromas from the barrels, resulting in a rich and complex coffee profile. 

How is Our Barrel Aged Coffee Different?

Our latest barrel aged coffee has been meticulously crafted using the finest organic green coffee beans from Oaxaca, Mexico to ensure a truly exceptional taste. The aging process has been carefully monitored to achieve the perfect balance of flavors, creating a coffee that is smooth, bold, and unforgettable.

Why Should You Try Our Barrel Aged Coffee?

With our latest barrel aged coffee, you can expect a one-of-a-kind coffee experience that is unlike anything you've ever tasted before. The unique flavors and aromas from the barrel aging process will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Experience the perfect harmony of coffee and barrel aging with our latest release. The official launch will be at Alchemy Distillery's Tasting Room on April 7, where the whiskey will also be released and Los Bagels will be serving a variety of new items not available in their shops. Be prepared to indulge in a coffee experience like no other.

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