Frog Fuel Patriot Series - CPO Michael E. Koch



Frog Fuel Patriot Series is a Memorial Roast Series that is very personal to me and my family. The idea grew from the Memorial Roast we created to honor my son, Kevin Ebbert. Kevin was a Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan on November 24, 2012. Please read about Kevin on his Page.

I have received so many wonderful notes from folks who purchased Frog Fuel in Kevin’s honor. I have met many other Gold Star parents whose Navy SEAL sons were lost. Remembering our lost loved ones keeps them alive and helps a grieving parent continue forward. Many of these parents, spouses, and siblings support the memory of their heroes through volunteer work and by supporting individual foundations and memorial funds. Talking with many of them, it was clear that all of us wanted to keep our heroes’ memories alive and make a positive difference as a group. From those conversations, Frog Fuel Patriot Series was born.

100% of the net proceeds from every bag of Frog Fuel Patriot Series Koffee is donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation. The Navy SEAL Foundation provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and its families. For more info, please visit

Each man honored here is remembered by their families, friends and teammates. They gave their lives as Navy SEALs in the line of duty, caring for their teammates, for the love of their families and communities. Thank you for reading about them and keeping their memories alive. Thank you for your purchase and the support it provides to the families of these heroes through the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Charlie Jordan
Gold Star Mom, SO1 Kevin R. Ebbert

CPO Michael E. Koch

Michael Eugene Koch was born in Omaha, NE., May 12, 1978, and died Feb. 4, 2008 from wounds sustained from small arms fire during combat operations in Iraq. Chief Petty Officer Mike Koch paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country. He died doing what he loved. Mike was an extraordinarily brave SEAL, honored teammate and great American. He was loved and will be missed by family and friends. Mike graduated from McDonough High School in May of 1996.

Naval Chief Petty Officer Michael E. Koch attended Penn State University, but left to enlist in the Navy in 1998 and entered SEAL training in 1999. Joining the elite Special Forces was always his goal, said his father, Donald Koch. “That’s why he went into the Navy — to try out for the SEALs,” Koch said. “He was very humble and quiet but fabulous at what he did.”  

His family is close. His father, a 20-year Air Force veteran, camped out in the woods while Koch was going through his SEAL training in 1999, trying to put himself through some of the same experiences his son was enduring. Koch served in Kosovo and Afghanistan, winning the Bronze Star among other honors. Family outings might include skydiving, snowmobiling or scuba diving.

One Christmas, he told his younger brother, Matthew, and younger sister, Tiffany, to peek in the garage. They each had a new motorcycle.

Growing up, he learned to scuba dive, climb mountains and scale cliffs. During visits to his grandparents’ farm near Jersey Shore, he practiced rappelling by descending the silo. “Always so full of life, so fun to be around, even with older people,” his grandmother, Delores Koch, said. “He was just such a good kid, always. It’s such a great loss for us.”

“He always talked about the Navy SEALs,” she said. “He was so thankful he could be there. He loved his work.” She recalled some of her last words to him over the holidays. “Be careful,” she said. He had a ready reply. “I'm always careful, Gram. I'll be OK.”